Become a Masterful Communicator

AND Do better together with

openness and honesty

Openness is listening without reservation.

Honesty is being truly and freely yourself.

Openness + Honesty = Real Communication

Feeling trust, honesty and openness with each other… that’s the beauty of where we are today… we realize we can’t do it without each other.

— Bev Thiel/Habitat for Humanity

Belonging. Confidence. Strength.

Be Better to Yourself and Show Up Stronger for Others

Being open and honest are skills that accelerate our ability to identify real problems quickly and get what we really want. It will improve you and those around you. In order to do better together, within our communities and organizations, we need to combat the decline of real communication.

Learn how to sharpen your skills with Know Honesty. Join us on Your Pursuit of Honesty.

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Foster belonging. Create real relationships.

Reduce chaos. Solve real problems quickly.

Ken's Pursuit of Honesty

Follow Ken as he shares his journey to bring his message of openness and honesty to the world. He’ll be honest about the struggles and triumphs of publishing his book, creating workshops and sharing ideas. Join Ken as he helps people become truly and freely themselves.

Discover Your Open and Honest Stats

Being truly and freely you is the key to a more fulfilling life.

Through our Pursuit of Honesty Assessment, you’ll know where you stand with openness and honesty. Once you know the true condition, it becomes easier to improve. Start by being honest with yourself.

Benefits of
Real Communication

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Ease aggression
  • Less self doubt
  • Limit neurotic control
  • Less indecision
  • Increase clarity and       confidence
  • Solve real problems quickly
  • Build a stronger culture
  • More transformational ideas
  • Enhance love and belonging

Open and Honest Unbound

Monthly news from the Know Honesty team.

You’ll find the latest thought pieces, inspiring quotes, the Know Honesty Insider, and more…

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