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The Beginning

Know Honesty was founded in Grand Rapids in 2016 in response to the absence of honesty in the workplace. Ken’s experience with business owners and leaders has led him to see how far we have fallen when it comes to real communication. Couple that dilemma with a society choosing disconnectedness over authentic connection and we have a much larger problem.

From day one, Ken and his team have been working diligently to create the Know Honesty Movement, helping organizations, professionals, and individuals break down the divide and experience real communication.

Who We Are

Ken Bogard


Ken’s “Know Honesty” approach is enhancing the lives of hundreds of professionals, delivering significant financial gains for companies, improving leadership collaboration, and creating a movement. Ken’s enthusiasm for results, extensive experience and entrepreneurial grit provide the momentum

people need to achieve what they really want out of life. Through years of tackling issues within organizations, Ken has realized that the pains and pleasures across a variety of people are remarkably alike. Everyone needs, and can have, a simple and effective approach to get quick, sustainable results. Ken’s relentless pursuit of finding the organization’s true condition has helped improved the lives of over 300 owners and leaders, thousands of employees, and over 60 organizations.

Grace gavin


Grace is an open and honest expert, helping leaders simplify their communication and eliminate the divides that exist within organizations. As co-founder of Know Honesty, she guides people towards becoming masterful communicators day in and day out. Having experienced the transformative power of openness and honesty, Grace is on a mission to help others create that same freedom in their own lives. 

Grace brings her heartfelt approach to every event, workshop, and interaction. She believes deeply that every human being brings a unique perspective to the world and that we all deserve to be heard and respected. 


With humble roots growing up on a dairy farm to now working with all levels of leadership, Grace has a special ability to ask the right questions to help audiences go deeper and uncover what’s blocking them from creating real communication. Grace also proudly serves on the Grand Rapids Chamber’s ATHENA Council, the Women of Habitat Kent Council, and the Berlin Fair board. In her spare time, she can be found devouring books, gardening during summer months, and spending time with family and friends. 



Tiffany joined the Know Honesty team as the Conference Space Manager to enhance her creativity and willfulness to assure that her Know Honesty team members and our client meetings are held in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
She goes above and beyond when organizing the schedules and meeting any special requests to enhance the education and forward motion for all our clients. Tiffany enjoys exceeding client expectations and is an innovator when it comes to space management.

She lives into our Core Value of Grow or Die every single day with her can-do attitude. Tiffany is all about teamwork, organization and company growth. Her ability to adapt to any situation is a part of the magic at Know Honesty.

Special Thanks To

Shelly Berkoski, Joe Novaco, Aaron Vandergalien, Joshua Conran

Social Media

Jeff Pipp

Web and Technical Support

Cameron Embers

Book Architect
Accountant and CPA

Tony Clark


Kevin McLaughlin

Executive Coaching

Aaron Einfeld

We Believe

Change is an opportunity for growth.

Openness is what makes honesty possible.

Real relationships are for everyone.

We direct our future.

Our work is changing the world.

We are called to share this world.

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