Dare To Be Seen

Using Social Media For Good

A message to my clients and the good people of social media:

Be seen! 

You are not seen enough. 

My fear is that social media is being filled up with more divisiveness, hatefulness, and spitefulness than ever before.

 Here I am, working with hundreds of incredible human beings who have all overcome something. Who either lead or manage great companies doing great things in the world. And we’re not seeing enough. You have an incredible message to share, yet we don’t share it. 

So, I’m begging the good people on social media and our clients, share more of the good stuff that’s going on because there’s a ton of it. Social media is here to stay, there’s no way around it. For every time we don’t post or we don’t share some sort of thing we’ve overcome in life, somebody else is posting some garbage that the world just doesn’t need.

 So I am asking you to rise to the challenge and post something great. Don’t be concerned about how many people like or don’t like your stuff. If you can change one life, wasn’t your post worth it? Be seen, you incredible people. 

Invite Someone Else To Begin Their Pursuit:

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