Lessons from the Bar: DeSantis, Debating, and Deep Listening


What does that name do to you?

When I used to bartend, they trained me not to talk about politics or religion – avoid it at all costs. When I look back, people came to my bar and they talked about religion and politics all the time. Couldn’t get around it. It’s just unfortunate because it is such a divisive topic. 

But something that I learned when I bartended, a skill that I took on, was that I listened. No matter their disagreement, whether they had a whole different opinion than me or not, I just listened to them and heard them out. And because of that, they felt welcome. 

What if we can do that for somebody that is on the other side of politics than us? If we could just listen without reservation and realize we don’t walk in the same shoes as anybody else on this planet. We come from a whole different background than every person on this planet.

 If we could just listen a little bit more, we might actually learn something from each other and do better together. 

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