Transforming Teams With Trust

Simplifying What Trust Means

I want to simplify what trust means. 

I think we put a lot of layers and complexity to it, but when you boil trust down to its base definition, what 100% trust truly is anything goes and anything received. That is complete, 100% trust. 

With any team that I work with, that’s what I’m after. 100% anything goes, 100% anything received. And then back at you! Anything goes back and everything received back. That’s the kind of exchange I want out of my teams. If they have that, man that is 100% trust, that’s what we’re after! 

When you don’t have that, you feel restricted on what you can actually say. You therefore don’t have complete trust. When you’re not willing to listen to somebody else, when you’re shutting them down, cutting them off, and not listening to them, you don’t have 100% trust.

We have to get our teams to a point where anything goes. Mind and mouth saying the same thing. Anything received, no matter how crazy it sounds, anything received and anything goes. Back and forth, with everyone working towards 100% trust.

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