Open and Honest

What It Means & How To Master It

Oftentimes we make communication far too complex. Countless theories and tactics are offered up daily- like analyzing your body language and to ask more questions than answers.  Endless approaches are solicited to the business community and the world, yet the most simplistic of solutions is overlooked: Be Open and Honest.

Instead of teaching people thousands of ways to communicate, let’s master these two concepts first. If everyone is 100% honest and 100% open to one another, we would have access to the true condition. There would be no need for second guessing motives or hidden meanings. We would have real communication between one another. If we all had the courage to be honest, being truly and freely ourselves, speaking into what we want and how we feel, everyone else would be clear on where we really stand. If everyone had the humility to be open, and listen without reservation, putting their needs and wants on pause for someone else, the world would be a more understanding and inclusive place.

The absence of real communication and the division between us is largely due to our egos. We can’t help but to make the world about “me, myself, and I”. When we do this, we don’t leave space for anyone else. We cannot hear what another person has to say when we are so focused on first being heard.

When someone is sharing their honesty, close mindedness often takes over without us realizing it. It will rarely allow us to hear other opinions, let alone consider their merit. We are missing out on strong collaboration that would lead to better teams and greater organizations. Remaining open to other people requires active involvement in the conversation and a commitment to doing better together. 

When we are low in our openness and honesty, our communication lacks clarity. When communication stalls, then our progress stalls, and when progress stalls we are left with nothing but a room full of people only trying to serve themselves first. And there is no hope for real breakthroughs in that place. 

In times when communication is abused more than ever, our need to get back to the basics becomes increasingly more critical. So, what are we to do?

Focus in these two areas and watch your communication mastery grow:

1. Be aware that you lose yourself the more you attempt to appease everyone’s expectations and judgements. Have the courage to be truly and freely you, no one else will do it for you. Be honest.

2. Be aware that you share the world with 8 billion people who have walked in different shoes. Listen without reservation and you will learn something new. Be open.

Mastering these two aspects of communication will help you increase confidence, foster real relationships, reduce anxiety, and accelerate our human understanding. 

Watch as your world transforms when you are open and honest.

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